Sunday, June 29 - Back to School

Jennifer went back to school today.

I am not sure that I can put it in writing in public, but it has been 10 years since she received her graduate degrees – 10 years! So she was a little nervous, but her pencils were sharpened, her backpack was packed, when she walked out the door for her first day of school. (I can’t imagine how many years it has been since she last WALKED to school!)

She left especially early to make it to morning minyan at her school for the first day. (It has been said that so long as there are tests, or in this case first days, there will be prayer in school!)

The kids and I had planned a fun day exploring Jerusalem, but, sadly, after a very long Shabbat day, and staying up way to late, it didn’t seem like the wise thing to do!

Instead, we stayed home. The kids got to enjoy a movie, and I caught up on the Mishpachat Meltzer Website. (It is a ton of fun to do, but already very difficult to find the time!)

Oh yeah, we also all enjoyed the air conditioning.

Turns out, the pizza place directly across the street from our house also sells ice cream!

The kids picked a fantastic little pack of five mini-ice creams – a lot like a Vanilla in Chocolate Dip from Dairy Queen.

So it comes with five, Shayna ate one, Nadiv ate one, Maital ate one, that makes . . .

That makes five, right?

Jen had a great day at Hebrew Ulpan. She came home very excited. She and Shayna are working on their Hebrew together.

Otherwise, a quiet day.

Thank you to Sandra Golden for putting us in touch with a wonderful young lady from San Diego living here in Jerusalem for the year – Yael. Not only does Sandra know her from forever, but she was a student at the San Diego Jewish Academy during my mother’s principal days. Yael graduated from Cal (Go Bears!) last year and has spent the past year living in Jerusalem. She is preparing her return for graduate school in the fall.

Anyway, Yael is a babysitter of international renown. She came over with us in the evening, around bedtime, to meet the kids so that when I had a night off . . .

Sent everyone to bed early – even Jen since tomorrow will be her second day of school. Laylah tov!

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