Friday, June 27 – Eye to Eye with a Giraffe

A much better night sleep. (Sorry for making it seem like it is all about sleep, but for the first week it really is – mostly – all about sleep.)

We had a wonderful morning at the Jerusalem Zoo (also known as the Biblical Zoo). The animals in the zoo are all animals that appear in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible). Even as spoiled San Diegans, proud members every year of the amazing San Diego Zoological Society, we were impressed.

We enjoyed walking through a very intelligently designed, visitor friendly zoo. Some of the exhibits are truly outstanding. They have a large, open enclosure with many of the animals of the African plains – zebras, giraffes, rhinoceroses and others – sort of a mini Wild Animal Park. Running over it, there is an elevated sidewalk. We walked out over the enclosure and came literally face-to-face with a giraffe. Very cool.

The zoo includes a large Noah’s ark exhibit, including a great deal of information about animals and animal protection, as well as a short film about endangered species. Jennifer reminded me from last year that the movie included some graphic scenes of seals getting clubbed and the like. We managed to convince the kids that we didn’t have time for the movie this year. It's good to know that this ark doesn't require you to enter in pairs.

The prairie dog and meerkat enclosures are also incredible. They each include tunnels for children (and little people) to crawl through the actual animal enclosure, including bubbles where the visitors can pop their heads up in the middle of the exhibit! Awesome!

After the zoo, we came home and prepared for Shabbat.

Friday night was quiet, good food, kids went to bed, and Jennifer and I had the opportunity to just sit and enjoy the good fortune of our lives together, our children and the mechayah of being if Jerusalem!

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