Sunday, June 22 - To Los Angeles: The Trip Begins

Like I said before, I hesitate to write about the flight because you are not going to believe me. Sunday, June 22 – Leaving San Diego, All the Way to LA It is a crazy feeling waking up knowing that we would be engaged in exhausting travelling for the next two days straight, and then adjusting to a home 10,000 miles and 10 times zones away. A strange feeling of pre-exhaustion – not yet tired, but knowing that it was coming!

Quiet breakfast . . . mellow morning . . . last minute touches on packing . . . load the van. Final count of check-in luggage: 2 large suitcases, 1 large duffels, 1 small rolling bag, well over 100 pounds. Final count of carry-on luggage: 2 backpacks, 1 rolling bag, 1 duffel bag (we also carried on Kosher Subway carry-out, cf. Monday, June 23 for more details). Plus there were two additional bags of clothing and pajamas for the night we would be spending in Los Angeles before our trip, and the night in Los Angeles after the trip.

Van was loaded and we hit the road.

Have you ever been to a wedding reception and discovered that the amount of food you would normally eat for a meal was equaled by the appetizers alone? So normally, two hours of driving would be sufficient for a whole trip. Today, it was just a prelude, an appetizer if you will, for what was yet to come.

The kids were great.

The tasks for our afternoon in Los Angeles included 3 things: installing webcams and Skype on Jen’s parents’ and grandmother’s computer, meeting Grandma and my sister and her family for a Kosher Chinese food dinner, and getting the kids to bed on time.

Mixed success – couldn’t get the camera or Skype to work on Grandma’s computer, didn’t get the kids to sleep on time, but the Chinese food was outstanding!

Kids asleep, waiting for Jen’s folks to return from their weekend trip to Atlanta for a very large family reunion, I did manage to sneak away for our favorite LA dessert!

So, all in all, I would say we were ready – ready for our trip and ready for sleep – when Jen’s folks returned from the airport. Since the kids went to bed late, it seemed to make perfect sense for us to stay up more than an hour later than we had planned to hear their stories about this very special weekend.

I am not sure if it really mattered whether or not we began Monday’s madness well-rested. Either way, we weren’t going to be by the time we arrived in Israel.

Good night.

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