Monday, June 25 - The First Day

To be fair, June 25 was a short day since we landed around lunch time. We managed to get out of the airport, into a cab (all of us, the luggage, the strollers) and to our hotel, HaSharon Hotel in Herzliyah Patuach, without anything too exciting. Our hotel room is amazing – 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, large family room, dining room and kitchen. Did I mention the gorgeous view of the Mediterranean?
We walked into a little shopping area by the hotel, sat down at a restaurant ready to order, and when I heard myself asking the kids if they wanted a hamburger or a cheese toast, I realized something was wrong.

When I asked the Host if the restaurant was Kosher, he said yes, they just didn’t close on Shabbat. I asked about the hamburger and cheese toast (and lots of other stuff), and he said, well, everything is Kosher, but . . . Needless to say, we justify.

From in front of the restaurant, we spied a place across the street that said Kosher. So we crossed, and boy were we thrilled. The kids loved their hot dogs, Jen her shwarma in pita, but my colossal shwarma in melawach was stunning – worth traveling 10,000 miles for. (If you are unfamiliar with either shwarma and/or melawach, it really is time for a trip to Israel!)

After the feast, we returned to the hotel, Jen & Maital fell fast asleep on the couch and the rest of us went for a short swim in the pool. I will never understand how it can be so hot outside and so freezing in the pool!

We came back up, woke Jen, and while she was bathing and pajama-ing the kids, I went to a Chinese place we walked past earlier doe carry-out. It looked beautiful, smelled incredible, but when I saw the specials – Sweet & Sour Pork and Shrimp Something-Treyfig-Or-Other – I walked back across the street for a couple of slices of pizza.

Put the kids to sleep, and called it an amazing day!

P.S. There is a beautiful lawn overlooking the Mediterranean, where the hotel has weddings and special events. I wonder if Roy and Janet’s wedding will be anything like the wedding our first night? REGGAE MUSIC BLARING UNTIL MIDNIGHT! Perfect for trying to get Shayna, Nadiv & Maital on to a regular, Israel sleeping schedule. I laid in bed, Shayna in one arm, Nadiv in the other, listening to the band singing Marley – I shot the sheriff – and let’s just say it wasn’t the sheriff I wanted to shoot!

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