Sunday, June 24 - The Flight

Like I said before, I hesitate to write about the flight because you are not going to believe me.
We boarded the plane and the seats were 3 – 3 – 3. So we had 3 on the far side, and the end seat from the middle section, which was a bulkhead. And then, the very nice Flight Attendant attached a bassinet to the wall, and sure enough Maital slept in it (though not for very long).
Let me mention, throw away all of your (at least all of my) preconceived notions about El Al – the plane was new and clean & the flight attendants were wonderful – friendly, attentive and good with the kids. Okay, don’t throw away all your preconceived notions, the food was abysmal, though everything was Kosher.

Over the course of the flight, everybody got in some napping. First, Nadiv . . .
Then Daddy & Nadiv (sorry no photo).

Maital dosed periodically throughout the flight, sometimes on the wall
And sometimes with Mommy.
Though the queen sleeper was Shayna. She fell asleep late in the flight, slept for about 4 hours, and was difficult to wake AFTER WE LANDED!
But mostly the kids just played. They played games, they watched movies, they made friends. Shayna made friends with a very nice girl from Los Angeles. Mommy and Daddy made friends, too. (The nice lady in front of them used to be the owner of Nissim’s Kosher Restaurant in LA, where Daddy loved the Lamb & Couscous before it closed!)

Even Maital made a friend with whom she watched Baby Einstein videos!
What else can we say about the flight: a little less than fourteen hours, lots of fun, very little sleep, good chicken nuggets and tater tots for the kids, new friends, and most importantly, when it was all over, we landed safely in Israel.

P.S. Of course, Mommy did need to run back on-board the plane for a few abandoned items!

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