Saturday, July 28 – Peaceful, Easy Feeling

What a wonderfully relaxing, slow day. Never justify the house all day – except to take out the trash.

Jennifer and I spent the morning alternating between playing with the kids and packing. Both were fun—the kids are the kids, and packing is a bit of a reminder and review of all the incredible things we have done for the past month.

There is definitely a sadness in the air as we realize that the end of our month here is almost upon us.

There is a sense of sadness and also a certain dread. It is hard to be optimistic that the flight could go so well two times in a row. Plus, it does not bode well that the taxi will be picking us up at 2:00 AM to go to the airport. Shayna is fascinated by the concept that we will be waking them in the middle of the night to go to the airport. She wants to know why we can’t just go when everybody wakes up. Truthfully, it’s an awfully good question.

My cousin Reuven came over for lunch and stayed all day. He really is a warm and fascinating individual. I am glad that Shayna, Nadiv and Maital have gotten to spend some quality time with him this summer, and hopefully we will be able to spend even more time together during future summers as well.

Later in the afternoon, Eitan joined us as well. He is a very nice young man and it is has been fun getting to know him.

So Shabbat was filled with eating until the cabinets and refrigerator was bare, and singing, lots of singing.

After Shabbat ended, Robin came over, so Jennifer and I could leave.

First, we shleped the high chair we borrowed from my cousins over to Glen and Heather’s. Sandy and Buddy will get it from them next week, and then into downtown for our final Motzei Shabbos downtown crowd and ice cream. Incredibly crowded, and out of the blue someone yelled: “Scott, Scott . . ,” Turned around and there was Kathy Kamin, the Religious School Principal from Temple Emanu-El. It is always fun bumping into people in Israel!

Then we walked home and went to bed for our last full night of sleep in Israel this summer.

Lots of lasts floating through the air.

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