Saturday, July 21 – That Peaceful, Easy Feeling

When God rested on the seventh day, God did so with no places to be, no schedules, no watch, and no pending sense of the business that awaited on the other side of Havdallah.

I don’t know about for all of creation, but certainly in my life, Shabbatot with rest like that have been rare – but July 21 was one of them.

Truthfully, I could simply write – “And the Meltzer family rested” – and that would probably suffice.

The details:

Woke up, played around the house in pajamas, ate breakfast, read books.

Took a morning walk through the park by our house. (Technically, the Valley of the Cross to walk past the 4th or 5th century monastery, but that doesn’t make it sound like such a Shabbos stroll.)

Came home, prepped table for lunch company.

We were joined by my cousin Reuven, our babysitter/past BCIer Robin and her friend Mark.

They basically never justify. Robin and Mark headed out hours later, and Reuven read Shayna and Nadiv their bedtime chapters from the second volume of the Oz stories (anybody able to name it?).

Kids went to sleep. Reuven justify. Jen and I hung out together.

A new week entered with an incredible sense of calm and peace.

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